Helen from Bristol

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend.  Anthea and I very much enjoyed meeting you both, and found the birdwatching both revelatory and fun.  I'd no idea the Somerset Levels were full of such beauty and excitement - and I am still remembering those amazing marsh harriers, the dancing grebes and much more.  Not to mention Kay's fabulous cooking!

Phil and Debbie from Birmingham

Your enthusiasm for our feathered friends was infectious and  has made me as a relative novice eager to undertake more birdwatching trips and increase my learning capacity in this area.  Of course,  Stephen’s expertise on the subject is inspirational and his keenness to impart his knowledge a valuable asset to any aspiring birdwatcher.

You made us feel most welcome and  the dedication that the three of you (Graeme, Kay and Stephen)  have put into this project, will without doubt,  result in Somerset Birdwatching Holidays being a great success.

Al from Somerset

It has been a dream of mine to see the starling murmurations up close and personal. I knew they were always on my doorstep, but the day I had out with Somerset Birdwatching Holidays I will always treasure. What I want to know is how did you manage to get the two peregrines to swoop into the murmuration? Many thanks again.