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Graeme and Kay Mitchell

Graeme and Kay have had a lifetime’s experience in the travel and hospitality industry, having run a highly successful Tour Operating business for 25 years. This makes them ideally placed to ensure that you get the most out of your visit to Somerset. 

Graeme has been a keen birdwatcher all his life. He cut his birding teeth in the Scottish Highlands, never believing for a minute things could get any better… That is until he moved to Somerset in 2001. He met Stephen shortly after that and started talking birds. Now, most weekends the two of them explore their local patches together – still talking birds.

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It’s fair to say that Kay is a novice when it comes to birdwatching, but there is little she doesn’t know about business management and the hospitality industry. Sparing her blushes, Kay’s cooking is terrific and a convivial evening spent over one of her delicious suppers will be a highlight of your visit to Somerset.

Stephen Moss  

Stephen is a well-known naturalist, birder, broadcaster and bestselling author whose books include Wild Hares and Hummingbirds and Wild Kingdom. His TV credits include Birds Britannia, Britain’s Big Wildlife Revival and Springwatch.

He teaches Creative Writing at Bath Spa University and writes the monthly Birdwatch column for the Guardian. Stephen is President of several local wildlife and ornithological societies and is a well-known conservationist not only in the south-west but nationally and internationally . Let’s be honest, there isn’t a better-qualified person to introduce you to the birdlife of Somerset!

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