What's that bird?

You know what it’s like.

You’re walking along having a lovely time looking at a wildflower meadow and you hear a birdcall you don’t recognise.

You think you hear a birdcall…

You continue.

Lovely wild orchids, lush grasses, a few unusual moths, and look, there’s a common blue butterfly.

There’s that call again.

Now where’s that coming form?

What on earth is it?


Just the rustling of the wind in the meadow; the birdcall lost in the summer breeze.

There it is again…

I know what it isn't; but what is it?

It's not a whitethroat, it's not a tree pipit.

Usually if you don't know.... then its bound to be a great tit.

But it's not that either.

It is coming from over there…

Up there... from the top of that ash tree.

Got it…

Nice one.

A male redstart singing his little heart out.

What are you doing here?

Nice one.


Somerset Wildlife Trust’s Chancellors Farm reserve, Mendip Hills

Friday 8th June 2018





Graeme Mitchell