A murmuration of truly biblical proportions

Our clients Phil and Debbie from a few weeks back were well impressed by how we managed to place them in exactly the right position at the right time to witness a starling murmuration of a colossal proportions directly overhead. It seemed that every starling in Somerset was swirling above our heads no doubt spooked by the two peregrine falcons and one merlin who were in about the massed flock of birds. Then as if by magic, they all descend and disappear into the reeds as if they have gone down a plug-hole. It was amazing.

After the display, and we were walking back to the car, all of us beaming with delight, Phil nonchalantly says "Well boys, that was very good...but what about the barn owl you promised me?" Less than a hundred metres further on Stephen shouts "Barn owl....10 o'clock!" And there it was, the most wonderful ghostly barn owl hovering over the reed-bed, and then down....on to  some poor unsuspecting wee mouse. 

It was the perfect end to a great couple of days - see earlier post for full trip report.

Enjoy Stephen's video footage taken on his phone.

Hunting barn owl

Hunting barn owl

Graeme Mitchell